Woodvale Community League Executive and Coordinators

Updated: Jun 17

Board Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each Month at the Woodvale Community League. There is no board meeting in July.

To contact any board member listed below, please send an email to For any urgent matters please call the Woodvale Facility office at 780 462 2101 during regular business hours.

2021-2022 Officers

President Eric Amyotte

Vice President Vacant

Past President Mark Klotz

Treasurer Vacant

Secretary Bruce Petterson

Hall Operations Mark Klotz

2021-2022 Coordinators

MCARFA Rep Charles Gachnang

Programs Charles Gachnang

Bingo Nathalie Amyotte

Bingo (backup) Jackie Travis

Reimbursements Cindy Weibe 780-462-2101 ext 3

Activity Centre Angela Schneider

Newsletter Jeremiah Raible

Web Site Barry Headrick

Community Liason Deanna Norton

Community League

Day Vacant


Watch Jeremiah Raible

LRT Citizen

Working Group Al Aben

Volunteer Appreciation Susan Tiege

Volunteer Appreciation Linda Kinnee

Volunteer Appreciation Cheri Krywko

Memberships Vacant

EFCL Jackie Travis

Canada Day

Representative Susan Tiege

Soccer Bob Graham

Casino Dale Travis

Hockey Vacant

Woodvale Community

Cleanup Vacant

Front Yards In Bloom Bobbi Harris

Skating Rink Project Linda Kinnee

2021-2022 Partners

CoE Neighborhood

Resource Coordinator Jay Row

Greenview School Susan Tiege

Greenview School Cheri Krywko

Hillview School Tanya Hartwig

John Paul 1 School Eric Amyotte


Playschool Susan Haws

2021-2022 Other

Woodvale Community

League Office Cindy Weibe 780-462-2101 ext 3

Woodvale Facility Manager Margaret Tokaryk 780-462-2101 ext 1


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