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Welcome to the Woodvale Community League Latest News Blog

On this page, we will post the latest news and upcoming events of interest to Woodvale residents.

Post Secondary Scholarships available through MLA Christina Gray's Office

Christina Gray, MLA in Edmonton-Mill Woods is pleased to present this annual opportunity for 3 grade 12 students who have demonstrated community involvement through volunteer service and are enrolled in post-secondary.

Award: $400 gift card to the individual’s post-secondary bookstore.

To apply: Fill out the application form and attach an essay of up to 500 words telling your story of community involvement.

A successful applicant must do the following things:

Be enrolled for post-secondary studies in Fall 2024

The recipients of this award will need to provide proof of post-secondary enrolment information for Fall 2024. Students must enter their program with a fall semester start date.

Demonstrate community involvement through a 500-word essay

This award is for grade 12 students who have demonstrated community involvement through volunteer service.  Essay to be uploaded in PDF form.

Reside in the riding of Edmonton-Mill Woods.

Provide two references who can speak to your community involvement.

Each applicant must include 2 references with contact information (Name, Phone number, Email) to verify your community involvement.  References must be 18 years or older and able to give details and feedback about your involvement.  Please ask permission from your references and have them agree to be a reference for this award prior to providing their information. Christina Gray's office will contact references.

Application Checklist

·  Completed application (The applicants information completed fully)

·  2 References listed with their contact information

·  Essay (max. 500 words PDF Format)

For any questions or clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact our office at or call 780-414-1000.

We wish every applicant the best of luck. Thank you so much for taking the time to apply for this community award. The winners will be contacted and asked to provide proof of post-secondary enrolment once the decision has been made.


Please submit application through this form.

MLA Christina Gray Community Award Online Application -

MLA Christina Gray Community Award “Paper” Application – Click Here

Please help us share this wonderful opportunity by spreading the word in your community leagues, on social media, and with your student volunteers!

Membership Benefit: Discount on Food and Beverages Discontinued.

In 2023 a 10% discount was offered to Woodvale Community League members showing their current Woodvale Community League membership card for their purchase of food and beverages on Saturday and Sunday evenings from 5 PM on when the Club House Restaurant was open.    A decision has been made to discontinue this offering in 2024.

City of Edmonton Spring Sweep in Progress

From: Infrastructure Operations COPS PARS <>

Sent: Wednesday, April 10, 2024 4:00 PM

Subject: City of Edmonton Spring Sweep in Progress


This week, the City of Edmonton started its annual spring sweep program to clear debris and dust from roads, bike lanes and major pathways, making them cleaner and safer for all modes of transportation. This email includes everything you need to know about spring sweep, including key messages at the end that you can use in member communications.

Residents and businesses need to remove parked vehicles from roadways to provide crews the room they need to work as they clear sand and debris from City boulevards and streets.


This week, crews are sweeping arterial roads, major roadways and Business Improvement Areas.


Residential sweeping will begin on April 14, 2024. An enforced Parking Ban on residential roadways will be in effect.


Residents must move vehicles off residential roadways during the week their neighbourhood is scheduled. The parking ban will be activated only during the day (7 a.m. to 7 p.m.) for the week indicated for each specific neighborhood. Enforcement will be ticketing vehicles; no vehicles will be towed. Fines are $250 per vehicle.


Residents can view the schedule at to see when street sweeping will be coming to their neighborhood. The online map is updated daily and provides the status of every roadway to show when it is scheduled and when it is complete. Please know this schedule is subject to change and will be updated as crews complete work.


Signage indicating the Parking Ban will be placed in each neighbourhood at least 48 hours prior to the start of sweeping in the area. We have doubled the number of signs this year, and each sign displays the dates of the Parking Ban to clearly communicate when sweeping will be conducted in the neighbourhood. Signs will be attached to existing posts and signs at key intersections in each neighborhood.


Residents are encouraged to sign up for Parking Ban Notifications to receive location-specific emails or texts. To sign up for Parking Ban Notifications, visit Notifications are sent specific to neighbourhoods of the address(es) provided when signing up. Notifications are sent as neighbourhoods are scheduled and completed.


For more information, visit


Additional tools for spring cleaning such as Capital City Cleanup litter kits are available to residents and businesses for free and can be requested by filling out this form on the City’s website.


Key Messages

Feel free to use these plain-language messages on your Community League website, social media and email communications and even signage out front of your Community League.

·  Street Sweeping is happening in (insert community here) the week of (XX April or May)

·  No street parking in neighbourhood between 7 am and 7 pm Monday to Friday

·  A Parking Ban is in effect

·  Avoid a $250 ticket, have a plan!

For more information, visit



Infrastructure Operations Support Team


Parks and Roads Services

Hillview Neighbourhood and Alley Renewal

The City of Edmonton is in the process of planning the Hillview Neighborhood and Alley Renewal for 2025. Various steps have been done with issuing surveys to residents to create a draft design and then held an open house on February 15, 2024, at Hillview School.

Two aspects of the neighborhood renewal require volunteers in the community to determine whether the majority of the community prefer changes to them or stay with what is currently used. The Community League has issued a postcard to all Hillview residents and businesses with a survey link to complete on these two items. The postcards were mailed out the 2nd week of March and the survey has a deadline of April 22, 2024. We must compile the results to send to the city by May 1, 2024.

The two items surveyed are:

1.      Decorative Street lighting Upgrades for the Hillview area. Property owners only, can answer this, as there is a cost to each property owner if this goes ahead. The survey provides the details on types of poles, lighting, light arms, and colors available. Costs are based on the frontage area of each property and can be a one-time cost or spread over 15 years with interest. 50% + 1 of the responses are what the city bases the decision on for the entire Hillview area. If no upgrades are requested or fall below the number of responses required, then the city will replace the existing lighting with new standard galvanized lighting at no charge to the property owners. See the link in the survey for full details on the lighting.

2.      Decorative Street Blades (Street Signs): All residents can answer this on possible design changes to the sign blades (15 designs available) and a recommended adding of the Woodvale Community League Logo. Five colors are also available. These are available to be done at no charge to the property owners. Again 50% + 1 of the responses is what the city bases the decision on for the entire Hillview area. See the link in the survey for full details on the Decorative Street Blades.

SURVEY DEADLINE:  April 22, 2024.

EPCOR Community Rink Grant

We are excited to welcome you to our community ice rink which was one of more than 50 community rinks who received a community rink grant from EPCOR this year! The grant helps communities like ours create safe places to skate in Edmonton and discourages skating on stormwater facilities. Still ponds in our neighborhood may look safe, but they are actually important stormwater facilities with water moving beneath the surface. This makes the ice dangerously unpredictable. This winter let's work together to remind friends, family and neighbours to choose a safe location to enjoy the outdoors! #skatesafeyeg Learn more at safety

EPCOR and Safety Around Storm Management Facilities Think twice. Don't go on the ice.

Click Here to view the storm pond safety poster from EPCOR.

A new benefit will be added for Woodvale Community League Members

Starting on Saturday, February 3, 2024 and running to August 31, 2024, Woodvale Community League members will have free swimming at the Mill Woods Recreation Centre from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. each Saturday. Just show your 2023-2024 Woodvale Community League membership card. The Mill Woods Recreation Centre Pool is currently closed from November 2023 through to sometime in January 2024, hence the delay in offering this benefit.

Woodvale Community League Monthly Newsletters

Soccer Indoor Season Registration is Open

Indoor season for this fall is open for registration at the EMSA South website. EMSA South | Mini Community Premier

City of Edmonton Problem Properties Initiative

The Problem Properties Initiative focuses on improving community safety and livability, by coordinating the efforts of municipal and provincial agencies involved in licensing, regulation and enforcement concerns related to problem properties.

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